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Heliportable Services:
Our Partnership with Panorama Helicopters

A New Horizon 

Two Panorama Helicopters soaring high against a clear blue sky, demonstrating aerial capability for remote transport and aeri
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Mining Exploration: Panorama Helicopter specializes in logistical support for the mining sector, including the transportation of drilling equipment and geologists, geophysical surveys, airborne surveys (bird), and laser surveying.

Emergency Situations: The company offers critical services such as medical and sanitary evacuations, police transportation, and emergency response to floods and derailments.

Hydroelectric Projects: They provide construction and inspection services for power lines, as well as inspections of dikes and dams, supporting the hydroelectric industry.

Environmental Management and Wildlife: Their services extend to forest inventories, aerial ignition, surveying, geodetic recording, aerial liming, hydrometric surveys, and geotechnical and engineering studies. They also engage in wildlife monitoring, tagging, telemetry, and the stocking of lakes and rivers.

Wildfire Management: Panorama Helicopter is equipped for wildfire detection, logistic support (transporting personnel and equipment), water bombing (using Bambi buckets), infrared imaging, and firefighting.

Charter and Other Projects: They cater to private charters and diverse projects including scientific expeditions, pipeline inspections, seismic surveys, aerial photography, infrared imaging, and film production.

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from Panorama Helicopters:


"We highly recommend Fusion drilling for any kind of projects you may have. Their many years of experience on various projects is

a key factor in the top tier performance they consistently show , even on the most challenging of assignments. The whole team is

solution orientated and can perform day after day while maintaining a safe and efficient operation. Their  level of expertise with aerial

drill work is next to none.  A true team partner that helps anyone they do business with move forward to the next level."

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